My Story

Helping people find solutions and solve problems feeds my creative spirit.  And I never fail to find at least one viable solution and some real action steps that my clients that take to make measurable progress towards their goals.

Creative problem-solving is just a part of my DNA.  The 11th child in a family of 12, we are always looking for ways to stretch resources or find alternate approaches.

My formal education foundation includes degrees from Bennett College for Women and the Duke University Fuqua School of Business.

Then my creative problem-solving muscle got a real workout in my first career position with a major computer company.  As a systems engineer, my responsibility was to crawl through all areas of a business to recommend the departments and functions we should automate and in what order.  I still used what I learned back then with my clients.

The focus of my business is to help people create the choices they want in their lives by applying entrepreneurial principles and developing entrepreneurial characteristics.  I help people focus on their lives like they would focus on developing a new startup.

Of course, the separation between the life and the business for an entrepreneur is rice-paper-thin.  So, inevitably, when we take a holistic approach to reaching their goals, it includes some business coaching and some life coaching.

I am very grateful for the life experiences that prepared me to deliver this type of value to my clients.

Organizations that are Important to Me

Service to the community is part of the price we pay for living.  I am actively involved in these organizations and think that they are worth your consideration, as well.  Of course, feel free to ask me about how you can get involved with any of them.

Let's talk...

If you want to explore how I can help you, please just request a 20 minute introductory discussion.